Friday, March 14, 2014

Sorry it's been a while...

I am so sorry I have neglected this blog for so long! I have been busy building my online boutique, please feel free to visit us on facebook or our new website so see what's new!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Tutorial: How to hoop t-shirt and onesies

I have been embroidering for almost two years now, and lot of that has been trial and error.  I have tested lots of different types of shirts, onesies, threads stabilizers, and needles.  I can’t tell you how many shirts and onesies I have thrown away because the design or applique was not straight or I caught the side of a little bitty onesie in my design.  After lots of google power and trial and error I have finally come up with a way to hoop my shirts. 
First hoop your stabilizer.  I use medium weight cut away stabilizer on anything that is stretchy.
Then I use my disappearing marker, and my “grid” I don’t know what it’s really called.  But there are holes in the middle and on the sides to use to find the middle of your hoop
I use the marker to mark the middle hole and the North, South, East and West points.
Next I turn my shirt inside out, fold in half and iron a crease down the middle from the top to the bottom of the shirt.  This line will serve as a marker to help you line up your shirt in your hoop to ensure your design is straight.
Spray your stabilizer with adhesive spray. I like this Dritz spray, but most people like 505 spray.  Keep your shirt folded in half and place the crease on the dots down the middle of your stabilizer.
Open up your shirt and pin it to the stabilizer around the edges of the hoop.  Make sure not to pin inside the area you will be embroidering.  I’ve made that mistake once and learned my lesson!
Place your hoop on your machine, move the edges of the shirt out of the way and embroider your design.  This was an adult sized shirt so it was easy to keep the sides of the shirt out of the way, sometimes on smaller shirts, especially onesies I have to physically hold the sides of it out of the embroidery area. 

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Un-paper towel Tutorial

About a month ago I realized that we go through a ton of paper towels in a day, like 2-4 each meal, and whatever I use to clean up the kitchen after meals.  That’s a lot of paper towels!  Being a work at home mom, I am always looking for ways to save money.  We’ve already made the switch to cloth diapers, homemade laundry soap, and homemade baby food just to name a few.  These all save money AND are greener than the alternative – that’s doubly as good! 

Oh yeah, the tutorial…after lots of research I decided to make my un-paper towels out of a layer of terry and a layer of flannel.  The terry cloth is good for scrubbing dirty hands and tables and the flannel side is pretty absorbent.  I waited until flannel was on sale for 50% off at Joann’s and brought in another 50% off coupon for the terry cloth.  My original plan was to get 2 yards of flannel and 2 yards of terry, but I found two prints I liked in the flannel so I bought 4 yards of each. 

First wash your fabric! It will shrink, shed and fray.   I prewash everything before I sew it’s an extra step but nothing is worse than finishing a project, throwing it in the washer then pulling it out to find that it is wonky because it shrunk. 

I cut my fabric into 13” squares, I wanted my towels to be 12” squares.  The terry will make a huge mess, there will be little fuzzy balls everywhere!


Lay your fabric with the right sides together


Pin your squares together.  If you are a novice sewer I would us more pins but I was in a hurry so I only used one pin on each side. 


Sew around your square, I used a 1/2” seam allowance.  Don’t sew the square shut, leave about 2” open so you can flip the towel inside out.  I prefer to put the terry side down on the feed dogs when sewing, it doesn’t stretch as much as the flannel so it holds that nice square shape better.


Cut the corners off to remove some bulk, but be careful not to cut the stitches. 


Flip the towel right side out.  I use a dowel to get into the corners.


Press the towel flat


Top stitch around the edge of your towel  for a nice finished edge.  You can also use a cute decorative stitch if you want, I like the simplicity of a straight stitch so I left it plain.


Fold your towels  and show them off in a pretty basket.  I’m planning on adding snaps eventually and putting them on a roll like actual paper towels.  Here’s the tutorial I’m going to use to add snaps.  I need a snap press (ok not need but really really want) before I can add the snaps. 

I’ve been using these for a little over a week now.  I put my bagel on one for breakfast, then clean my girls up with one after breakfast, I make our sandwiches on another one for lunch, then clean the girls up with one after lunch, and the same for dinner.  I am still using paper towels to clean the counters in the kitchen mainly because my unpaper towels are so pretty and I don’t want to get bleach stains on them! 

I have a spare wet bag hanging on our laundry closet door that we put our dirty unpaper towels in and when I’ve collected enough of them I wash them with my homemade laundry detergent. 

As always please feel free to email me at with any order, questions or suggestions.  I’m always adding new creations into the mix so please check my facebook page, even if you don’t have a facebook account you can look at my pictures and posts.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Craft Fair

I can now cross craft fair off of my bucket list!  This craft fair was nestled right in between my girls birthdays and their joint birthday party.  I actually had fun preparing for the craft show, it was difficult for sure getting everything together but I loved letting my crafty side go nuts. Here are a few pictures of  my booth all set up.


My whole booth


Lilly Pie Banner – this will be reused over and over again!  It is perfect to hang from a tent if I ever do an outdoor craft fair.


Table with burp cloths, felt clippies and bow holders


Lattice with samples.  Most of theses shirts were already sold, I had them up so people could see what kind of custom work I do. 

I also made LPC shirts for my mom and I to wear and I am kicking myself in the booty for not taking a picture with both of us with the whole booth set up behind us. 

*Things that I learned for next time: don’t concentrated so much on custom orders, make more things for people to buy and take home with them that day.

Do you ever wonder what Lilly Pie Creations looks like?

I think I finally got my sewing area set up the way I want it, what do you think?


There have been a few changes since this picture was taken, the big change is my upgraded embroidery machine!  This nice area is set up in our family play room.  This is my wall, my husband has a wall with his computer set up and the girls have all of their toys and art stuff in there too.  I can’t even see the t.v. that is more for the hubby and kiddos than me. Oh well I shouldn’t be watching t.v. while I work anyways. I love being a work at home mom!

Here’s the rest of the room


Thursday, May 24, 2012

Are you ready for Summer?

It is already very hot down here in Southern Louisiana so I have been busy adding new applique designs for summer. Here are a few:


Boy and girl tractors


Everyone like ice cream, sand and flip flops right?


Perfect for the 4th of July


And everyone’s favorite snow balls!!  This is a great way to beat the heat down here In Louisiana!

Appliqued shirts or onesies vary from $15 – $20 and are totally customizable down to the thread color!  I keep white shirts in stock but take requests for colored shirts. 

As always please feel free to email me at with any order, questions or suggestions.  I’m always adding new creations into the mix so please check my facebook page, even if you don’t have a facebook account you can look at my pictures and posts.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Get ready for a pastel and bunny overload

Since our winter has been non-existent here in Southern Louisiana, I have decided to get my Easter and Spring designs ready a little early.  Prepare yourself for lots of baby pinks, powder blues, lilacs, and lime greens! 

Personalized appliqué t-shirts or onesies are $15 - $20.  Don’t forget your can make an Easter outfit with matching ruffle or cuffed pants for the boys or girls for an additional $15. 


Floppy bunny, this precious bunny would also look cute in white with a pink outline.


I am in love with the newest 3-D appliqué trend! I am adding ribbon and ric rac to everything


Ric rac Easter egg


Easter eggs sitting in ric rac grass


Easter wagom

bunny trio_opt4

Bunny trio with tulle tails

 basket trima_opt4 

Easter basket, this would be very cute for a little boy, without a bow of course.


Here are some Easter specific fabric. 

IMG_9954 IMG_9948 IMG_9949

 IMG_9950 IMG_9951 IMG_9953


As always please feel free to email me at with any order, questions or suggestions.  I’m always adding new creations into the mix so please check my facebook page, even if you don’t have a facebook account you can look at my pictures and posts.