Saturday, August 27, 2011

A few new appliqués

Take a look at some of the super cute new appliqués!  These are all from sample sale, there are still a lot of samples available if you are interested in some new appliqués please check it out.

IMG_6660 IMG_6265 IMG_6271 IMG_6279

 IMG_6291 IMG_6301 IMG_6331IMG_6473

IMG_6561IMG_6553 IMG_6394IMG_6490

All shirts or onesies seen here are $20 each, that includes the appliqué and embroidery.  Everything is made to order, that means you choose the appliqué fabric, the embroidery word, font and color.


As always please feel free to email me at with any order, questions or suggestions.  I’m always adding new creations into the mix so please check my facebook page, even if you don’t have a facebook account you can look at my pictures and posts.

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  1. Your work is so cute! I just love the little ballet slippers!